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Social media is a amazing marketing tool that can be used to drive customer engagement, build brand loyalty, and increase sales opportunities. It’s never been easier to connect to your audience, keep them talking about your business, and drive growth.

The problem is, that too many businesses are not using social media to generate revenue. Don’t make that mistake! With over 70% of Australians using social media daily, it makes a lot of sense to take advantage of these opportunities.

Talk to Plump Design about building your social media campaign and see your business blast off.

The Benefits of Social Media For Your Business


Is Your Business Socially Awkward?

It doesn't have to be!

We offer a full range of social media marketing services that are going to launch your business to the next level. We aim to grow your profits and establish your business as a market leader.

Our vast array of services are designed to build your following and ongoing brand loyalty. Choose from a fully managed account to occasional consulting. There are no lock-in contracts because we don't need them. We are confident you will love our results and continue to use Plump Design to get social media working for you.

We provide your business social media solutions on all the popular social media websites. This includes Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, Youtube and LinkedIn.

We don't just 'talk the talk'. When you engage us to provide you results, we track key metrics and conversion rates so that we can supply you with a detailed monthly social media monitoring report. It let's you see exactly how social media contributes to growing your business.

Our services are listed below, but if you would prefer to talk to a real person, please call us today to see how we can help.

Managed Social Media


We can manage your social media so you can get on with running your business.


Highly effective and targeted advertising on social media. Grow your brand, sales and followers.


Social media strategies that get your business moving and shaking with the results you want.

Social Media Strategy:
Grow Your Business

Social Media Strategy: Grow Your Business

You shouldn't waste your time using social media because you think it's something you have to do. It can be a wondrous tool for growing your business but you're going to need to develop a great strategy. Otherwise you won't get the results you want.

Growing businesses is what we do, so if you want to build a strategy for growing yours, ask us what we can do for you. Our expert strategists can help you develop effective campaigns for developing your business and achieving your goals.

Social Media Management:
Save Your Time

Social Media Management: Save Your Time

We live in a world where everything is trying to get our attention and devour our precious time. Who wants to work all day and then come home to work again on social media?

Let us take the pressure off. Together we can make a plan for the results you want and we take care of the rest. Whether it's content marketing, audience building, or strategic advertising. Plump Design has your back.

Social Media Marketing:
Improve Your Reach

Social Media Marketing: Improve Your Reach

Our fully managed social media advertising campaigns are going to get your business to new heights. Get the results you want whether they are growing your audience, building your brand, or boosting your sales.

Implemented alongside your overall social media strategy, advertising can prove to be an invaluable ally. Use our social media marketing service to gain the best return on your spend, build effective campaigns, and free your time for better things.

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