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Do you have an appetite for success? Are you ready to fully utilise the power of your digital presence and use it to achieve what you want? If your answer is yes, then it’s time to build a digital marketing strategy to make your business grow.

Creating a website is not enough if you want to rocket past your competition. The internet is jam-packed with over 600 million websites all battling for our attention. Without an effective digital marketing strategy, your website will remain largely invisible to millions of potential customers.

Building your online presence is a great move because it can attract traffic, improve conversion rates, and increase your sales.

Our customised marketing services are designed to give you results. We make it easy to understand, show you how they benefit your business, and provide you value you can measure.

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Marketing Strategies
With Proven Results

At Plump Design we focus on increasing your profitability and not just your search engine ranking.

Our digital marketing services are designed to help your business get cost-effective results whatever your marketing budget.

We don’t have any lock-in contracts, so when you invest into marketing your business with us, you can do so with confidence.


Search Engine Optimisation makes your business stand out in search results and increases your profits.


Pay per click advertising provides your business with a instant stream of highly targeted traffic.


Social media gets people talking about your business and provides you with great opportunities.


Targeted email campaigns that keep your business in people's minds, generate interest and sales

Creating Content is
Like Creating Customers

Professional, well presented, and relevant content is a great asset for any website. Businesses that create content and blog tend to grow much faster than those that don't. 

Sure, we can optimise your website so it's search engine friendly and naturally ranks higher, but content is going to make all the difference. Creating content makes your business much more visible by providing you with opportunities for keyword placement, social media marketing, brand recognition and SEO.

Providing valuable content means you establish your business as knowledgeable, helpful, and able to provide solutions. When a person visits your website, it means you have the opportunity to turn that visit into a sale. It also means you can leverage social media, email marketing and SEO to draw more people into your sales funnel.

Making great content is a lot of work and creating strategically planned articles and pages is even more. Plump Design takes the hassle out of this process by researching the best topics, keywords, and strategies for making your business the 'go-to' authority.

Of course, it doesn’t end there. Once we have developed a strategy for expanding your online presence, we can create the content too. Our team includes many professionals and can offer copy writing, professional photography, and much more.

Emails People Get
Excitied For

Launch your website with maximum visibility so you can enjoy maximum returns on your investment.

Email campaigns often target an existing customer base and sending boring emails can cause people to unsubscribe from your list! Don't do it. It can cost you valuable leads, clients, and sales! The solution is in creating email that is interesting, engaging, and beneficial to read. That way, you can keep your business in people's minds, generate constant interest, and increase profitability.

Our email marketing service help your business build a well-planned and strategic campaign designed to achieve your goals; whether you want to sell a product, create interest in your service, or build your brand.

The process of building your campaign isn’t based on guesswork. It starts with performing extensive research and using that information to identify opportunities and strategies for achieving your business goals.

From there we develop and start the campaign, throughout which we perform testing and analysis to discover what is most effective and what to improve. By constantly refining and developing the strategy your campaign grows in its effectiveness and provides you with the results you want.

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