Logo & Graphic Design for Form1

If you’re planning on growing your small business into a bigger one then it might well be worth investing into creating a brand for your business. This is exactly what the local Perth record label Form1 did. Professional branding can make a business look bigger, more professional and increase the perception of trustworthiness and reliability.

Logo design and branding should always be a collaborative process between you and your designer. A good designer will help you discover what you want and make that into a beautiful piece of work that represents your business. It’s exactly this process that Plump Design and Form1 went through together. The client had an idea of what they wanted and how they wanted their business presented. After a few sessions of collaboration we arrived at this design:


Logo Design for Form1

Logo Design for Form1


Form1 loved their logo! They followed up with getting Plump to design their EP cover too! Don’t let the great picture fool you though!  The track has not been released on vinyl. That’s all done in Photoshop and is one of the many services Plump Design offers.

Sorry vinyl lovers! If you would like to have a listen to the track and see what Form1 is getting up to, have a listen on Soundcloud.

If you’re interested in creating a brand or logo for your business please get in touch.


Record and album cover showing Graphic Design for Form1

Graphic Design for Form1


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