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At Plump Design we believe it’s important for you to have the freedom to do what you want with your website. We hear stories from clients about agencies that make it very difficult to change or move your website. It can mean big headaches if that agency disappears!

To maintain your independence, there is a few steps you have to take:


Register Your Domain Name

We suggest you get as many domain names (for your site) as you can afford but always try and get the .com domain. In our experience people usually think of .com when thinking of web addresses and not so much of .net and so on.

It can also be helpful to have a local domain name such as .com.au to make your clients feel your business is more trustworthy.

If this is for an organisation, you may find it beneficial to also have the .com domains as well as the .org.

There are many places you can register your domain name and often your website host can offer a package deal which may be worth it. We prefer not to put all our eggs in one basket and generally use separate companies for name and site hosting. It makes it easy to take your name if you change hosts. Some examples of places you can register your domain name include:

Find a host for your website

If an offer seems to good to be true it probably is so be careful. Read many reviews and do hours of research because if your host is slow and unreliable, your website will be too. This can cost you sales and reflect poorly on your business.

There are many good hosting companies out there but our current favourite is A2 Hosting. They are a US company but have servers in Singapore which is great for businesses located in Australia.

We recommend you order an SSL certificate for your website. It makes it more secure by encrypting the traffic to and from your site. It is becoming the norm with most business websites and is vital to protecting the information on your site. Some browsers such as Chrome will also advertise your site as insecure if you don’t have an SSL certificate.

Having an SSL certificate can be beneficial to your search rankings on Google.

Your Brand is
Your Business

A brand is more than just a logo.

A brand lets people know what your business stands for and reinforces the relationship between you and your client. It creates familiarity, comfort and trust.

What does your brand say about your business?


Create Your Brand

If you don’t have a logo, get a great one. Often you get what you pay for and hiring an agency can get expensive but don’t worry.

There are many good crowd-sourced options such as:


You could also:

Try Gumtree.
The local print shop to find a graphic designer.
Ask a friend or colleague!
Ask a business if you like their brand.

Think About Your Image(s)

Great images are a must for great websites. You want images that are clear and communicate the passion and professionalism of your business. Most people surfing the web have very short attention spans so if you don’t grab them quickly, they will be lost.

If you’re taking photos of your products then take some time to read up on product photography. Good lighting and backgrounds can make a massive difference to the presentation of your product. Make sure you use the highest settings on your phone and camera. It is easy to make a big photo smaller but making a small photo bigger often ends in disappointing results.

If you are not selling your own products but need some stock photography you can use on your site then try some of the paid services such as:





Or search for free stock photography through Google or use our favourite site:


Our Designs Are Gorgeous and Will Attract Clients to Your Business

How to be
One of the Seen


Having a website means you have a presence in the biggest marketplace in the world. It also means that it's easy to not get noticed. At Plump Design we have strategies to get your business standing out in the giant crowd of the internet.


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Getting higher up in search engine rankings: SEO and what it means for you

Your business needs to be on the first page of Google because most people searching for a business don’t go past the first page. There are entire agencies dedicated to this seemingly mysterious art called SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and while we are not such an agency, we can certainly help your business because with SEO. This is because it’s not magic and you don’t need to be a wizard. There are some simple rules to follow and we can give you some general advice or take care of everything for you. Which ever you choose, we are going to need to know a lot about your business keywords.

There are many good crowd-sourced options such as:


You could also:

Try Gumtree.
The local print shop to find a graphic designer.
Ask a friend or colleague!
Ask a business if you like their brand.

Social Media

Social media is about building relationships with your clients.

Be seen! Engage your clients and make them feel part of your brand. There are many social media platforms and having interesting and regular content can keep your brand in clients minds.






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