Frequently Asked Questions


And Frequent Answers...

How much does it cost?

We think your website should be as unique as your business.

We focus on helping small businesses build a web presence but every website has different needs.

Can Plump do everything for us?

No, but we can do a lot. Especially if it is related to your website. We have a great network of people that can help with photography, copywriting and even marketing.

What are your opening hours?

Officially we are open during the day Monday to Saturday. We are flexible though so if you need an evening appointment we can do that too.

Where is your office?

Plump Design is a small and mobile business. Our team mostly work from their home offices which is why we prefer to come to you. If you need to visit us, please make an appointment and then come see us in White Gum Valley which is next to Fremantle.

Should I host my website in Australia?

There is no simple answer to this question. Some articles claim that if your business is Australian, you should host in Australia because your website will be faster. In our experience what matters the most is the quality of hosting and so much the location.

Can Plump create our brand?

Yes we can. Our designers at Plump are very experienced and qualified and can help create an outstanding brand for your business. Contact us to see how we can help.

Why should I have a brand?

A brand is more than just a logo. It lets people know what your business stands for and reinforces the relationship between you and your client. It creates familiarity, comfort and trust.

If your business is recognisable, looks professional and trustworthy, then people will feel comfortable using your products or services. You don’t get much time to make a good first impression, so be sure to make it excellent.

Where else can I get a brand?

You don’t have to have us create your brand. We would love to, but there are many other options. Often you will get what you pay for but for a simple logo you could try using crowd-sourced options such as:

You could also search:

The local print shop to find a graphic designer.
Your circle of friends and colleagues.

What is a CMS?

A CMS is a Content Management System. It’s a framework on which many websites are built and allow people to easily manage what is on a website. We use WordPress which runs about 25% of the websites on the internet. It is an free and open source (FOSS) CMS which is very flexible, stable and secure.

Why do you use WordPress?

We use WordPress because we trust it and it gives you freedom to do what you want with your website. We want to empower business owners and give you the freedom to take your business elsewhere should you ever be unhappy with us. We don’t think you will but having options is important.

WordPress is free and open source. That means its source code is free and accessible. Thousands of people around the world work on making it better and more secure. It has constant updates to make sure it is a platform that can be trusted. WordPress powers about 25% of the websites on the internet so you can be sure of its excellence.

What are Plugins?

WordPress comes with many great features but many more are added with plugins. If you want a beautiful gallery of your products, then you can use a plugin to do this rather than spending many hours coding a new gallery. Or if you want an online shop, then you can use the woocommerce plugin to make your simple website into a powerful online store.

Plugins are like upgrades and allow wordpress to be more flexible with it’s features and capabilities  Some plugins are free, some cost money but they certainly expand the potential of WordPress.

Can you fix our non-Wordpress site?

We can move your website onto the wordpress platform but we don’t use any other CMS.

Is WordPress secure?

Essentially yes, but like all things, it needs maintenance. Your website needs to be updated regularly to make sure that any security holes are patched. We can do this for you or we can show you how to do it.

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